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This section is for connoisseurs of quality drinks. If you are like that, then you will surely find many flavors here that are worth tasting. See what we have selected for you in our section with white wines.

What types of white wines await you in the section

Different harvests - you can choose bottles with a year of production from 2011 to 2020;
From all over the world - we have selected white wines, produced both in countries with centuries-old traditions in this field and in countries that are among the leading modern exporters in the field and bring color and innovative ideas in winemaking. For those who are interested in foreign tastes, we offer numerous offers from Spain, Italy, France, Austria, New Zealand, USA, Greece, Germany and South Africa;

From renowned Bulgarian producers – you will find bottles of all wine regions in our country. Some of the brands we offer are Bratya Minkovi (Minkov Brothers), Domaine Menada, Villa Vinifera, Villa Melnik, Damyanitsa, Yarlovo, Zagrey, Santa Sara and many more.
From different regions - it is known that geographical conditions affect the taste of grapes and, accordingly, the drink produced by him. So, after choosing the country of production, you can specify different regions where it is produced;
Different grape varieties: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Muscat, Muscat, Riesling, Dimyat, Traminer, Semillon and others.

What is typical of white wine

While most people assume white wine comes from light grapes, this is not always the case. What matters is the technology under which it is produced. Both red and white grapes could be used, as long as the skin is removed before the process of fermentation. Afterwards, all hard particles are removed, such as seeds or peels. The final color varies from amber to yellow and gold.

What foods are combined with

White wines are generally lighter than reds. This means that, as a rule, they go well with light food. The light drink is a suitable company for fish, chicken, lean culinary temptations, cream sauces and cheeses.
These are lower in calories and a glass of them is allowed even in some diets. When taken in small amounts, benefits for the cardiovascular system and cholesterol reduction have been reported.
Sauvignon Blanc is a very flexible variety due to its high acidity. It is the reason why we always pair it with food, especially chicken, turkey, or salmon. Sweeter wines, like Riesling or Muscat go well with dishes like duck with orange. Higher levels of sugars pair well with saltier sauces.

Why trust

Wine is our profession, but also our passion. At VIDA Wine and Spirits Boutique we lovingly create a wide range of drinks from our own vineyards, located in the village of Gradets, not far from Vidin. The Vidin region is among the regions with ancient wine traditions, which we are proud to develop today.

However, our ambitions are not limited to production. We created an online store, dreaming of a place where fans of good wine in our country can find great bottles from all parts of Bulgaria and the world. The prices of our offers are completely affordable, and we have promotional offers every day.
What will be your temptation? White, red, sparkling?