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Do you like to experiment with flavours? If so, you must taste the exotic products in this section to make your own whisky map of the world.

A bit more about the spirit


Whiskey is one of the highest alcoholic spirits, which is produced by brewing barley, rye or wheat.

Hot water

The name of the drink comes from the ancient Celtic language once used in Scotland and Ireland. In Gaelic 'uisge beatha' meant 'living water'. Gradually, 'uisge' was preserved in English as 'whisky'.


The most popular brands are logically from the native lands of the drink - Scotland and Ireland. Bottles distilled and aged there may bear, as a guarantee of quality, the words "Scotch" and "Irish".

The different types are varied by which ingredient predominates. Plain grain whisky is noted as 'Blend Whisky'. If it is made from wheat malt only, it goes into the higher class and is designated 'Malt Whisky'. 'Blended Scotch' is a type where the ingredients are mixed in a certain proportion, but the higher the percentage of malt, the better the drink is considered to be. 'Single Malt', on the other hand, means that the drink is produced by a single distillery and no different alcoholic products are mixed.

There are also many different types, with some of the differences coming from the commodities used, others from the alcohol content or the ageing time.

Bourbon is also often added to the group, but it is made from corn, and while the technology is generally the same, it is considered a separate type of alcohol.

What exotic whiskies will you find in the category?

When we hear "exotic drinks", we usually think of local spirits typical of certain regions. However, the culture of drinking the Scottish elixir has long since spread far beyond the borders of the island nation and has settled on all continents. And while bottles made in the environs of Dublin and Edinburgh are still considered classics, many countries around the world are doing their own take on these classic recipes. Among the exotic offerings in our section, you'll find drinks from:

  • India. India is now the country with the largest production and consumption of whisky in the world. On the pages of are presented the exotic offerings of the brand Amrut. Amrut is among the proven leaders. It is successful not only in its Asian homeland, but also abroad. Its global breakthrough came after an exhibition in Scotland. The exotic single malt drink is made from its own barley grown in different regions of the country;
  • Australia. In our catalogue you will find exotic products from the Hellyers Road distillery on the island of Tasmania, which applies classic European technologies, but also brings its own handwriting. The raw materials used are only Tasmanian;
  • Taiwan. What could be more exotic than a whisky with aromatic notes of tropical fruits, honey, vanilla and coconut? The excellent offerings of the Taiwanese distillery Kavalan have a distinctive taste and aroma and surprise with a delicate and extremely complex character. Among the offerings in this category you will find collectible and extremely rare bottles of Taiwanese whisky with a sweet aroma of melon, caramel and cocoa and an alcohol content of 55-60%.
    On our pages you will find more Taiwanese whisky brands including Omar, Nantou distillery and others.

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