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When and how is it best to drink dessert wine? Which wines fall into this category? In we have selected an excellent dessert selection and we offer you several guidelines that will be useful when choosing.

Which wine is dessert

Desserts, as their name suggests, are sweet wines that can be served with dessert. In order to obtain the sweet taste, grape varieties are used for the production of this type of drink, which are characterized by high sugar content and have a very perceptible aroma. The time of picking the grapes is also important - it is possible at the latest when it has reached the maximum sugar content. Very ripe and even overripe grapes are harvested. After fermentation, the sugar content increases further.

What species are there?


They are further "enhanced" by the addition of brandy or other alcohol. This is done during fermentation, thus interrupting it. Thus the alcohol percentage increases and it rises to 17-19%. This technology is traditional in some of the regions for the production of Spanish and Portuguese wines.

Nobly sweet

The infestation technique (also known as "noble mold") is also used in the production of this category of beverages. In vines infected with this mold, the skin of the grapes cracks, due to which part of the water evaporates, and in the flesh the sweetness, aroma and acidity become more noticeable. The resulting drink is also characterized by higher density.


These are the drinks prepared from the latest grape harvest. The technology originated and is popular in cold countries (Canada, Germany), as it is where it matures the longest. Picking the fruit in December means that the berries have almost turned into raisins, which has reduced their water content and increased sweetness.

What foods to eat them with

The name "dessert" is quite a strong joker, but you can still specify some more details. Not every dessert is a good combination for every wine of this kind. An important rule is that the food should not be sweeter than the drink, because in this case the drink will create a feeling of sour taste. So it is good that dessert drinks are perfect for sweet food with a moderate sweetness such as cheesecake, fruit pie, caramel cream, biscuit cake. You can also combine higher alcoholic drinks with sweeter temptations such as chocolate mousse, souffle and others.
Along with desserts, sweet wines are a great company for different types of cheese. The high sugar content of the drink helps to balance the salty taste of the cheese.
Some of the table offerings in this category can also be consumed with fish, meat or be chosen as an aperitif.
What types you will find in the section
Bulgarian desserts;
foreign: Spanish, Austrian, Portuguese dessert drinks;
white, red, orange;
from different harvests (since 2005);
Each bottle has a detailed description, from which you can learn not only the manufacturer, but also the region, location, harvest, characteristics and appropriate food combinations.

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