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Do you love Italian cuisine? And what dishes from it have you tried? Although for most people in the world the most familiar representative of the cuisine of the Apennines is spaghetti, in the group of "pasta" type foods there are many more delicious types, which, fortunately, we can find on the Bulgarian market.

What types of pasta are there

The word "pasta" in Italian means "dough". Although many national cuisines have foods similar to pasta, Italian specialities are those that have gained the widest worldwide popularity and are available in the richest variety.

The product itself is prepared by kneading hard dough (wheat, rye, corn, etc.), giving it a certain shape, then drying it. Pasta of this type has a long shelf life and is served after cooking. Among the most popular types in Italy are:


The long and thin pasta sticks are served with various sauces, the most popular of which are Napoli and Bolognese.

Angel's hair

In Italian, their name is pronounced Capelli d'angelo, which is why you may also see them as capellini. This is the thinnest type of pasta - they are thinner than spaghetti and are usually rolled into a ball. As well as being a stand-alone dish, they are also used as an accompaniment to soups and broths.


They are similar to spaghetti but have a hole in the middle. Suitable for all kinds of dishes and sauces, they are easy to stir fry and bake.


Their name Farfalle means butterfly. They are made from a small square of dough with curled sides that is pinched in the middle. They can be added in the garnish of dishes with fish, meat, vegetables. They are also used to add density to some salads.


The name means "feather". They are a hollow tube whose ends are cut diagonally. They are served with tomato sauces, meat, cheese.


Long and flat strips. Their width is about 8mm. Often combined with sauces plus meat or mushrooms.


And this kind of paste is strips, but they are even wider. A characteristic ingredient of many winter dishes.


A pastry that is served with a filling. They remind of Russian pelmeni.


Their name comes from the word "spindle" in Italian, and it is given to them for their twisted shape. Their beautiful twisted appearance makes them suitable for all kinds of dishes, including salads.


Their name means "big cane". They are larger than other types and have a hole in the middle. They are baked in the oven with a filling (cheese, spinach, minced meat) and then served covered with sauce.

What you will find in the section

If you want to try the true taste of high-quality pasta, it must come from Italy. In our section, we have selected some offers from leading Italian pasta brands that prepare their products according to traditional, proven delicious recipes. Among the items selected in our virtual menu you will find:

  • pasta with eggs (in some of the types of pasta offered, eggs account for up to 27 % of the product content);
  • wholegrain;
  • gluten-free;
  • with quinoa flour;
  • with corn and rice flour.

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