Castiglioni Chianti x 2 Gift Box

Country of origin: Italy
Brand: Frescobaldi
Vintage: 2019
Region: Tuscany
Packaging: 0.75 l

Price 79.99 BGN



Promotional gift set in a limited series.

Includes two bottles of Chianti Castiglioni DOCG, two stylish glasses in a specially created wooden box.



Variety: Sangiovese and a small amount of Merlot
Color: Red with shades.
Аромат: Червени плодове, сочна череша, черен пипер и сладост.
Taste: Medium body with pronounced freshness and good balance. Medium long finish.
Ageing: Ageing for 4 months in barriques.
Recommended serving temperature: 16-18 C

Food pairing

Pizza, pasta, grilled meat ...

We recommend you to enjoy this delicate wine, suitable for combination with pizza, pasta, grilled meats.



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