Decanter Vini 1500 ml.

Brand: Nude
Country of origin: Turkey

Price 59.99 BGN



One of the oldest crafts human history found its way to Zwiesel in Bavaria about 600 years ago - This is where in 1872 our history began.

Founded by Anton Müller, we have become one of the leading international glass professionals.
"But we don't think of ourselves solely as an industrial enterprise, but more of an artisan workshop with a sophisticated glass culture. Modern technology is an integral part of our company, but our greatest assets are our employees, whose wealth of experience has often been passed down for generations."

"Each process gives our products an individual touch, both before and now. Tradition and innovation melt into the supreme art carved into each of our crystal glasses. It is with this high standard of excellence that we look to the past 140 years, with high expectations for the future and an awareness of our history.



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