Rois Chocolate mix 200 g

Brand: Rois
Country of origin: Bulgaria
Packaging: 200 g

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ROIS is one of the most popular brands of packaged nuts in Bulgaria, and is already gaining popularity as a chain of bakeries. The brand belongs to the largest producer of garnished nuts, which has developed the category "beer peanut", provoking the market with flavors, mixes, cooking technologies, modern packaging and quality merchandising. High-tech production, innovative recipes for flavoring and draining nuts and dried fruits and trade policy give ROIS a major advantage over competitors.
"Victoria Nuts" Ltd. with the brand ROIS was the first on the Bulgarian market to develop the category of garnished nuts, popular as "beer peanuts", the first to offer mixes of roasted nuts, mixes of raw nuts, snack products from nuts and seeds, dried fruits in chocolate glaze. The strategy to impose fashion in nuts, surprising consumers and ahead of competitors, has turned Victoria Nuts Ltd. into the largest producer of garnished nuts and chocolate dragees, and ROIS sets the trends for innovation in the industry.



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