Taralli with unrefined olive oil 250 gr.

Brand: Puglia Sapori
Country of origin: Italy
Packaging: 250 g

Price 5.50 BGN




Everything tasty by Taralli is either whole grain or multi grain, in addition with other flavors: extra virgin, spicy pepper, onion, rosemary and pizza.

Ingredients: wheat flour "00", white wine (may contain sulfates), unrefined extra virgin olive oil, salt, dill seeds 0,9%

Nutritional value:
Calories 1965 kJ/468 kcal;
Fats 20 g, of which saturated 2,8g;
Carbohydrates 61 g., of which sugars 1,3g.;
Proteins 9,9g;
Salt 2,4g.



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