Thomas Henry Cherry Blossom Tonic 0.2

Country of origin: Germany
Packaging: 0.2 l
NB: The minimum order quantity is 6 bottles. The price is for 1 bottle.

Price 2.99 BGN



Thomas Henry is a leader in soft drinks in trendy bars around the world. The company was founded in 2010 in Berlin and has been conquering the bar scene in over 50 countries for over 10 years. The logo was inspired by the creator of the idea of CO2 in water (and later in every drink) - Thomas Henry of Manchester in 1773.

Thomas Henry Cherry Blossom Tonic (cherry blossom) is associated with a special period of cherry blossoms, which is considered the beginning of spring (not only in Japan). Freshness, cheerful mood and anticipation for long and warm summer days - this is behind the idea of this tonic, in which you can find a balance of bitter notes of the tonic and the natural sweetness of the cherry. Ideal combination with vodka or gin, as well as a separate drink. Oishii! (Japanese very tasty).



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