Winesave PRO

Brand: Winesave
Country of origin: Australia

Price 59.99 BGN



Winesave PRO

Argon gas wine preserver, which keeps the wine in the bottle fresh, up to 150 applications.
100% all-natural, totally inert, completely harmless, colourless, flavourless, odourless and tasteless.
Being denser than air, the argon gas settles above the liquid, protecting the wine from oxidation and souring.

Easy to use instructions in 4 steps:

  1. Insert the tube into your bottle of wine;
  2. Spray for about 1 second only;
  3. Cover the bottle opening;
  4. Reseal with original cap, cork or stopper.

*** It can also be used for spirits such as whisky, rum, brandy and others.



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