The Chita Suntory Japanese Whiskey, 0.7

Brand: The Chita
Country of origin: Japan
Packaging: 0.7 l
ABV: 43%

Price 134.99 BGN



The Chita Single Grain Whiskey is different from the regular grain whiskeys used for blending.
To inspire more complexity and depth of taste, Shinji Fukuyo decided to age Chita in wine and Spanish oak barrels, in addition to American white oak barrels. The result is a light and soft grain whiskey with unique sophistication and a clean finish.

Color: Bright gold
Nose: Creme brulee, cardamom, acacia honey, blooming rose
Palate: Light and smooth, notes of mint and honey
Finish: Pure, with a bitter-sweet aftertaste of oak

ABV: 43%



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