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How to make: Refreshing cocktail with Roku Craft Gin & Thomas Henry Tonic

In the new episode of VIDA Cocktail Club we show you how to prepare a very refreshing cocktail very easily and quickly. Enjoy a gin and tonic but with an unforgettable Asian twist. […]

How to make: Cocktail with Beefeater Blood Orange & Tonic

MAYbe it's time for cocktails! Spring is here and it's time for refreshing drinks to enjoy the shared moments. In the new VIDA Cocktail Club video you can see the suggestion […]

How to make: G&T with Malfy Rosa and Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic

The season of fresh cocktails shared in pleasant company has arrived. An excellent idea for a superb cocktail that is easy to make is the Malfy&Tonic. Its elegant pale pink colour impresses instantly and its incredible taste takes us directly to the warm Amalfi Coast. […]