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VIDA Cocktail Club

How to make: Аn elegant take on the classic G&T with 1689 Queen Mary Edition Gin

A wonderful idea for an elegant and easy to prepare cocktail we present you in the new episode of our video series VIDA Cocktail Club. Try the timeless classic Gin & Tonic, but twisted through a modern prism and enriched with fresh fruit flavours.

To prepare Queen Mary G&T, you will need:

50 ml  1689 Queen Mary Edition Gin
150 ml Lixir Indian Tonic
Strawberries and raspberries for decoration


Fill a tall glass with ice and pour 150 ml of tonic into it. Add 50 ml Gin 1689 Queen Mary Edition Gin and garnish with fresh raspberries and a few pieces of dehydrated strawberries. Stir gently and enjoy the wonderful cocktail.

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