Efe Fresh Grapes Raki 0.7 Set with 2 glasses

Brand: Efe
Country of origin: Turkey
Packaging: 0.7 l
ABV: 45%

Price 29.99 BGN


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Efe Fresh Grapes Raki 0.7 Set with 2 glasses

Raki is an aniseed spirit. It is closest to aniseed rakia - it is distilled from grapes and aniseed. It differs from ouzo, sambuca and mastic - it does not taste sweet, you can taste the specific grape aromas from the copper pot distillation, there are no other herbs, only anise. It is consumed diluted with water and ice.

Suitable as a companion to salads, appetizers, fish, seafood, main dishes and desserts.

EFE Fresh Grapes is distilled only from fresh grapes. The first distillation is columnar and the second in copper vats, along with the aniseed.



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