J&B 0.7 + 2 glasses

Brand: J&B
Country of origin: Scotland
Region: Speyside
Packaging: 0.7 l

Price 25.99 BGN



J&B is a high qualitative, smooth and enjoyable whisky, ideal for drinking both in cocktails and neat. It has a smooth, sweet taste with a refreshing aroma of pears and apples. It finishes with notes of vanilla, sweet honey and a slight peaty taste.
The whisky contains 42 carefully selected malts and grain distillates to create a subtle, smooth and complex taste. The perfect balances gives J&B Rare its excellent character: if only one of the distillates wass missing, you would feel the difference. This balance is a distinctive feature of J&B Rare, which makes it a perfect choice for a present for friends.

J&B Whisky was created in 1749 and has an unusual history. The brand was founded by an Italian, the whisky is distilled by Scots and blended by Englishmen. This unique smooth mix makes J&B the perfect whisky for the best and the most unusual cocktails. You should try it with a ginger ale, mint, pink tonic or sparkling apple juice!



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