Ariston dark balsamic vinegar classic 250 ml.

Brand: Ariston
Country of origin: Greece
Packaging: 250 ml

Price 13.99 BGN



Ariston opened in 1997 as a small family business of the Ducas family from Gargalyani, Mesenia (Greece) with the idea to provide for the American market Extra virgin olive oils. In 2009 the family builds its first factory Ariston Hellas, in order to cover the whole process - from the tree to the table.
Since then Ariston follow a high standard. Expanding their production, they successfully manage to impose their infused olive oils on the market.

Ariston classic white vinegar
Delicate vinegar with a unique sweet flavor, which does not change the color of your dish. This product is an ideal finish or as an addition to seafood, light meat dishes (chicken, turkey, duck), as well as as an addition to fine cheese, fruits and as a salad dressing.



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