Belberry Raspberry vinegar 200 ml.

Brand: Belberry
Country of origin: Belgium
Packaging: 200 ml

Price 13.99 BGN



Delicately balanced vinaigrette for special occasion, set to make every salad dressing special. Mix the vinegar with olive oil by your choice and you will have a perfect dressing for salads, poached vegetables or appetizers. Made with fresh fruits.

Ingredients: vinegar, raspberry pure, powdered sugar (sugar, glucose syrup), coagulant.

Nutritional value:
Calories 372 kJ/88 kcal
Proteins 0,3g;
Fats 0,2g;
of which saturated 0,01g;
transfats 0,0g.
carbohydrates 21g;
Fibres 0,5g;
sugars 16.0g.
Sodium 0,07g.



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