Beluga Noble, 0.7

Country of origin: Russia
Packaging: 0.7 l
ABV: 40%

Price 95.99 BGN


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Beluga Noble is an elegant vodka that has a leading position in the segment of super premium alcohol products. It combines long-standing Russian vodka-making traditions with modern distillation methods. One of its most important ingredients is the unique malt grown in an ecologically clean region in Western Siberia. Crystal clear water from an artesian well 300 metres deep is used for its production. The product undergoes triple filtration - first it is purified through quartz sand, then through activated birch charcoal and finally through quartz sand again. Fermentation takes place naturally, without the addition of further ingredients. Honey, oats and vanilla extract are also included in Beluga Noble's recipe, allowing a complex palette of flavours and aromas to develop. The vodka is aged for 30 days, during which time the balanced flavour and the smooth and lingering aftertaste of the product are achieved.

At first glance, Beluga Noble manages to create a feeling of aristocratic luxury. Every detail of the bottle's luxurious design is carefully selected to match the premium class of the product. An important distinctive element for the brand is the metal fish, which is placed by hand on each bottle.



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