Sauvignon Blanc Ried Steinmühle 2019, Kollwentz 0.75

Country of origin: Austria
Region: Burgenland
Packaging: 0.75 l
Vintage: 2019

Price 43.04 BGN



Variety: Sauvignon Blanc
Color: Light straw yellow color.
Aroma and taste: Aromas of peppers, elderflower, passion fruit and gooseberries. Delicate acidity and spiciness with nuances of herbs. Long aftertaste.
Ageing: The winery is known for producing wines that deserve time in a bottle, showing the best of themselves after the first few years of harvest. In this case, the wine can soften the spiciness characteristic of its youth, while maintaining its freshness. If you are a fan of spicy notes, of course you can consume immediately.
Serving temperature: 9-11 °C

Additional notes

Sauvignon Blanc grows well on poor, stony, high-silica soil of Reed Steinmühle in Burgenland. The wines are characterized by a strong but delicate taste, born of the combination of cool soils with the warm Pannonian climate that dominates the region. The characteristic microclimate of the plateau, on the slopes of which the vineyards are planted, is significantly influenced by the humidity, which contributes to the Vulka River.
Sauvignon Blanc vines require enough water during growth to develop their aroma. It is obtained not only from the ground, but also largely from the leaves. Thanks to the nearby Vulka River, dew forms early in the morning. This phenomenon creates a specific mesoclimate and in combination with the flint in the soil leads to the typical spiciness of this Sauvignon.

The vineyard is on the Steinmüle plateau - 10 m above the river Vulka, and a total of 180 m above sea level.

The soil is gravelly, drip irrigation is used. Fully ripe fruits are picked by hand.

Food pairing

Fish, asparagus, white meat ...

We recommend you to enjoy this wonderful wine, it combines perfectly with fish, asparagus and white meat.



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