Kamiki Intense Wood blended Malt whiskey, 0.5

Brand: Kamiki
Country of origin: Japan
Packaging: 0.5 l
ABV: 48%

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Историята на KAMIKI започва в една древна земя, в храмовете на първата столица на Япония – Нара.
There are many legends about Mount Miwa, which has been known as the Mountain of God since ancient times. KAMIKI's name is inspired by the magical breezes coming from the mountain and means "Breath of God".
Редки малцови уискита формират уникален бленд, смесен с най-висококачествената чиста изворна вода от Япония.

Kamiki Intense Wood is an exclusive series that has aged longer in barrels of Japanese cedar for an even stronger and more intense taste.
Aroma and taste: Saturated aroma of juicy apples, raisins and plums. Smoky taste with hints of caramel and plums.
Finish: Honey, cinnamon, fruit and a slight hint of peat.



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