Rotgipfler Bio 2019, Johanneshof Reinisch 0.75

Country of origin: Austria
Region: Lower Austria
Place: Termenregion
Packaging: 0.75 l
Vintage: 2019

Price 22.99 BGN



Variety: Rothgipfler
Color: Sparkling yellow-green color.
Aroma and taste: Aromas of exotic fruits. On the palate complex, with nuances of ripe yellow apples, grapefruits and quinces. Expressive and fresh.
Ageing: It can mature for up to three years if, after the description above, you can wait to keep it in a bottle for a long time.
Serving temperature: 8-10 °C

Additional notes

Many of the wines that contain the prefix "red" in their name are actually white. In Rothgipfler, color reflection refers to some ampelographic features of the variety, which is a natural cross between Rother Weltliner and Traminer. Rothgipfler is found almost exclusively in the Austrian Termenregion, where a little over 100 hectares are dedicated to him. The absolute rarity of the variety is combined with the natural potential to create high quality wines. The best of them come from small crops and warm plots with soils rich in calcium carbonate.
Terroir: Named after its hot springs, the Theremin region is one of the sunniest and warmest wine regions in Austria. The climate ensures that the beans reach a ripe degree of maturity and that the aromas typical of the variety develop perfectly. The land, which is characterized by a mix of brown soil, conglomerate and gravel, provides ideal conditions for growing top quality grapes.

Food pairing

Lots of Asian spices, well-seasoned fish dishes, seafood ...

We recommend you to enjoy this delicate wine, suitable for combination with many Asian spices, well-seasoned fish dishes and seafood.



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