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What wine to enjoy at the Christmas dinner?

The Christmas and the New Year holidays are the happiest, but also the most delicious time of the year. The festive dinner is usually rich and shared with relatives and friends. And what could be better than complementing it with the right wines?

VIDA Estates Гъмза 2017 and cabbage rolls with minced meat

One of the favourite Bulgarian dishes for the festive dinners in December is cabbage rolls with minced meat. VIDA Wine & Spirits recommend serving this traditional dish with a bottle VIDA Estates Gamza. The delicate aromatic structure of the wine makes a wonderful match with the acidity of the cabbage. Tha Gamza has a more subtle body, that doesn't threaten to overpower the spices in the cabbage rolls. The specific notes of white pepper leave a lingering feeling on the palate, which complements perfectly each next bite.

Ако предпочитате бяло вино, пробвайте:

VIDA Viognier 2020 and cabbage rolls with minced meat

This complex white wine pairs perfectly both with the taste of the cabbage, the minced meat and the spices. The wine has a dense body and a good freshness and it will not overpower the flavours of the cabbage rolls and the opposite. The notes of fruits, spices and nuts are an excellent match to this dish.

Single Barrel Syrah 2015, Bratanov and beef steak with a side dish

A festive dinner cannot be enjoyed without a tender backed steak. VIDA Wine & Spirits recommends serving this typically festive dish with a bottle Single Barrel Syrah 2015, Bratanov. Good wine and good meat are alike: the steak is slow-roasted, just as the wine is long-aged. This Syrah ages 36 months in Hungarian oak casks, which makes this wine the perfect match to this dish. The voluminous and structured body complements the rich taste of the steak, while the intense fruity freshness and the spiciness of the Syrah complements perfectly the spices, whatever they are.

VIDA Estates Sandanski Misket 2016 and vegetarian cabbage rolls/dolmades

One of the lighter dishes that will surely be present on every table. The vegetarian cabbage rolls or dolmades, would combine perfectly with VIDA Estates, Sandanski Misket. The wine has floral, fruity aroma, reminiscent of melon, honey, camomile and herbs. These notes further refresh the light taste of the cabbage rolls. On the palate the wine is mineral with a hint of ginger, which provides a subtle spiciness. The delicate and fresh aftertaste contrasts with the subtle spices in the cabbage rolls and lead to a harmonious finish of the whole experience.

Chardonnay Leithakalk, Kollwentz  2019 and roast turkey

Turkey is one of the perfect main dishes especially when you are expecting more guests for the holidays. VIDA Wine & Spirits recommends enjoying roast turkey with dried plums with Chardonnay Leithakalk, Kollwentz. This wine is distinguished by a medium body and good intensity, which is balanced perfectly with the juicy turkey. The Chardonnay comes from vineyards in Burgenland and is carefully and manually selected. The wine develops interesting and complex aromas, while ageing for 7 months on the fine lees in big, old casks from Austrian oak. The subtle notes of almond and vanilla complement perfectly the crispy turkey. The spicy notes of yellow fruits in the finish contrast perfectly to the sweetness of the plums.

Château Sociando-Mallet 2011 Cru Bourgeois and grilled meatballs

The traditional grill is present at almost every celebration. Grilled meatballs with the right side dishes go perfectly with a classic blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. The wine has an extremely good balance between a mineral feel and gentle oak. The dense and structured body is perfect for grilled meats, as in our case with the meatballs. The intense bouquet of black berries, vanilla and roasted hazelnuts complements the full-bodied and smoky grilled flavor. The fresh and mineral tone in the flavour, reminiscent of wet forest earth, which is typical of Bordeaux, beckons to the next bite.

VIDA Estates Extra Brut 2016 and bonito

We used to eat fish with white wine. VIDA Wine & Spirits offers to try something different for the coming hoilday: Bonito fish and high-quality sparkling wine. VIDA Estates Extra Brut from Goriska Brda in Slovenia is made following the classic method for sparkling wine: the second fermentation, where the bubbly magic happens, takes place in the bottle. This makes them softer and more refined. Whether you prefer bonito fish grilled or smoked, its intense flavour is synced with the delicate bubbles and the freshness. The wine has a pleasant aroma of freshly baked bread, paired with a nice fruity freshness. The complex flavours, together with the palate-pleasing bubbles, blend perfectly with this dish.

Pinot Noir 2019, Markowitsch and beans

Although at first glance it may look as an unusual combination, baked beans and Pinot Noir 2019, Markowitsch pair perfectly. The wine has aged in used French casks, which provides a light structure, complexity, with its elegant flavours complemented beautifully by the earthy notes of the beans, spiced with black, red pepper and spearmint. This is an incredibly tasty combination, that we advise not to miss in the festive days.

Château Margaux 2004, Premier Grand Cru Classé and stewed qualis with black truffle sauce

Make time stand still on a festive evening! A sophisticated, multi-layered dish, like braised quail with truffle sauce, needs a drink of equal complexity. The VIDA Wines & Spirits team suggests enjoying this dish with a bottle of Château Margaux, one of the most famous and prestigious wines from Bordeaux, France. Classified as one of the five best wines from the Médoc in 1855, it will leave a lasting memory, both on your palate and in your mind. Serve the quail with mashed sweet potatoes and decant the wine at least 1 hour before dinner. Château Margaux is fermented in oak fermenters and aged in 100% new barrels for 22 months. The aromas and flavours are powerful yet velvety, this will bring them into interesting play with the intense truffle sauce. The fresh and silky fruit in the wine, reminiscent of blackcurrant, will be unforgettable in contrast to the quail meat, and the many nuances in the taste that seem to have no end will remind you of the whole experience.

Beerenauslese 2017 bio, Feiler-Artinger and baklava or roasted pumpkin with honey and walnuts

For the finale: dessert wine with dessert, a magical combination! VIDA Wine & Spirits recommends to end your festive dinner with a homemade dessert paired with Beerenauslese coming from the small village of Rust in Austria, famous for its dessert wines. Whether you prefer baklava or roasted pumpkin with honey and walnuts, this blend of Chardonnay, Weißburgunder and Gelber Muskateller is a lovely complement. It tastes of ripe yellow fruit with well-integrated acidity and sweetness. Both wine and dessert will become even more delicious when consumed together.

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