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Winesave PRO: How to keep the wine fresh longer

Oxygen is the winebest friend and at the same time enemy. It immediately reacts with the drink, unfolding its aromas and flavours to their full potential. This is the so-called aeration process. However, the interaction between oxygen and wine does not end there. The wine is slowly oxidited, until eventually it loses its pleasant aromas and flavors.

Winesave PRO is for anyone who wants to keep their opened wine in perfect condition. You can open a bottle, pour just one glass, and then close it with just one spray. You won't even need to finish the bottle the next day. Winesave PRO makes it possible to protect your wine from oxidation for weeks, even months!

One vial is enough to preserve 150 bottles. The whole mechanism is extremely simple: you insert the tube into the bottle, spray for no more than 1 second and then close with the reusable stopper or the original one on the bottle. Winesave PRO contains 100% argon gas, which is completely harmless, colorless, odorless and tasteless. It is neutral to the wine and does not change it in any way when they are in contact. Argon is heavier than air, so it coats the wine creating a protective layer.

A few additional tips from VIDA Wine and Spirits on how to keep your open bottle as much as possible with the Winesave PRO:

  • Spray while removing the tube from the bottle. This will reduce the loss of argon from the space.
  • Use a decanter. Place in it the amount you are going to drink, then use Winesave PRO and immediately close the bottle.
  • In order to keep the bottle in optimal condition for longer, refrigerate it after using Winesave PRO. Low temperatures slow down the oxidation process.
  • Keep the bottle as still as possible after spraying Winesave PRO. This will preserve the argon layer on the wine.
  • The best practice for storing unopened bottles for long periods of time is to lay them flat. After using the Winesave PRO, keep the bottle upright, this will keep the argon layer as thick as possible.

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