Jagermeister, 0.7

Brand: Jagermeister
Country of origin: Germany
Packaging: 0.7 l

Price 23.99 BGN



56 different natural ingredients are included in the recipe of JÄGERMEISter, a liqueur with inimitable taste and world fame. Without a doubt, today JÄGERMEISter is the most famous alcoholic beverage exported from Germany.

German liqueur created in 1934
It is made from 56 herbs, fruits and spices.
They are ground and mixed with alcohol in stainless steel containers. The liquid is mixed for 5-6 weeks, then filtered and placed in barrels. It is aged for at least 1 year, after which it is filtered again and bottled.
It is served ice cold - its perfect temperature is -18 degrees.
It is recommended to be served in ice-cold glasses.

In 1934, Kurt Mast created JÄGERMEISTER. Kurt was a passionate hunter, and no one was surprised to label the liqueur a white deer with a cross sparkling between its horns, dedicating its invention to hunters.
The name JÄGERMEISter (translated as Lord of the Hunt) comes from a word that is well known in Wolfenbüttel, Germany, a region known for its centuries-old traditions. Hubert's deer has been a symbol and trademark of JÄGERMEISter since 1935. All letters and the image are registered and protected.



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